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What is the procedure to list my property for sale?

To begin with, you will need to contact us, our contact numbers are on the homepage on top of the Screen. Listing is done by filling up a simple form that takes only a few minutes. On the form we will enter all your details and the property details plus photos of the property which is free.

The form will be sent for Validation through the Lands and Council Office, which is usually completed within 24 hours. If everything is clear, your property will be up and running on the web site for the consumer to see.

Yes, but they have to pass through one of our staff members for verification.

Every property listed on Mombasahomes.com will receive a unique Property ID. You can search for a property by just entering the Property ID.

Do I need to be a member to search your site ?

Searching is free for property listing on our site, and there is no membership required.

There are no charges for advertising your property on our site, and we will take free photos of your property for uploading as well

We will always endeavour to verify any property details through the Lands and Council Office in case of any doubt.

How do I “Feature” my Property ?

To feature your property on our homepage, mail your request to info@mombasahomes.com or call us on the numbers provided on top of the homepage Screen.

- At mombasahomes.com we offer you a better visibility for your property.
- You will receive a professional presentation for your property.
- You will receive a larger online audience who will se your property posting.

- At mombasahomes.com we offer you and your company a wider exposure to a larger audience across the country and around the world.
- You will receive professional presentation for your properties.

We advertise our web-site through National Media Web-Sites, Coast newspapers web-sites and other medium with links to the region which are visited by Kenyans in Kenya and abroad eg, USA, Canada, Europe, UK and the Middle East.